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Quantum Growth Ventures, a Silicon Valley and the Netherlands based venture capital fund, is strategically structured to identify and transform potential winners in Next-Gen Mobility eco-system. This eco-system consists of high growth tech-driven companies in Automotive, Transportation and Logistics industries as well as the infrastructure around them.

What is Next-Gen Mobility?

An eco-system that enables efficient movement of people, goods and services
through the use of disruptive technologies and services.

  • Automotive

    Transport & Logistics


  • Emerging

    Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared Vehicle (ACES) Technologies: Telematics, Advanced Mapping, Sensors, 3D Imaging, Navigation,
    V to V Communication

    Alternative Energy, Battery/Fuel Solutions

    Electrification- Powertrains

    Smart Materials

    Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

    Big Data

    Smart Supply Chain/Logistics

    Aftermarket, Dealership

    Infrastructure solutions

    Cloud & Cyber Security

  • Brought by
    Innovative Technologies

    Artificial Intelligence
    Machine Learning
    Cloud Infrastructure
    Data Analytics
    Industrial Automation
    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Virtual & Augmented Reality
    Wireless Technologies & Communications


  • Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared Vehicle (ACES) Technologies

  • MaaS Enterprise Software for Cargo, Fleet,
    Ride Share, Rentals

  • Big Data / Vehicle & Driver Data Analytics

  • Big Data / Vehicle & Driver Data Analytics

  • Supply Chain Intelligence Platform Smart Logistics, Dealership, Aftermarket

  • Auto Cyber Security

  • Mobility Transactions, Re-charging, Parking

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We support strategic and rapid scale up by providing:

  • 1 Strategic Advice in Mobility
  • 4 Assistance in Executive Search
  • 2 Key Introductions to Tech Vendors & Channel Partners
  • 3 Access to
    Newer Markets

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