Next-Gen Mobility, one of the largest eco-systems in the world with a combined market size of over $6 Trillion is currently undergoing the fastest digital transformation after decades of slow growth. We believe that the tech driven Next-Gen mobility companies will grow 50X by 2030 (2017: $111B 2030: $5T). The right time to invest in tech driven mobility opportunities is NOW. A right partner with access to mobility network can work as an agent for rapid growth.


  • Rapid urbanization and resultant socio-environmental impacts have created a need and desire for efficient and effective mobility solutions.

  • New technologies, big data processing capabilities and ever-increasing consumer demands create unprecedented opportunities of digitization and automation in mobility eco-system.

  • The technology companies offering efficient and effective mobility solutions will have better acceptability, and hence can bring exceptional growth and returns.

  • We support positive socio-environmental impact of Next-Gen Mobility which is safer, cleaner, efficient, and accessible to all.

Focused Investment Theme

We Invest in technology companies serving “Next Gen Mobility”
We Invest $250K - $5M

  • Companies in Early Growth Stage
    (Series pre-A/A/B)
  • Scalable Business Models with
    (Proven Revenue Streams)
  • Hyper Growth via Disruptive Technologies
    (Demonstrated expert entrepreneurship & Track record)


100% of our investments contribute or promote positive impacts on Environment, Society, and Corporate Governance (ESG Investments) which we believe will positively impact financial performance in long term.

  • Environment

    Improve air quality (reduce local air pollution), Improve resource efficiency and energy security.

  • Social

    Improve accessibility to low-income households, improve affordability, increase road safety, increase social cohesion and reduce congestion and health costs.

  • Governance

    Promote ethical and fair human resource practices.


We invest in early growth stage companies which are highly de-risked compared to seed investing, and hence provides outsized return potential on overall fund basis. We screen potential winners from our proprietary global mobility network or those already been funded by the Top Tier VC funds at seed stage; and invest if they meet our robust multi-stage selection criteria.

We monitor their progress right from when the seed VCs / investors invest till the stage when they are fit for us to invest at fundamentally attractive prices i.e. at pre-series A / series A stage, with following tangible and verifiable characteristics:

  • Produce-Market-Fit fully achieved
  • Post revenue with at least $500K of actual revenue from various customers / streams
  • Scalable business model- need capital to scale faster
  • Solid pipeline of new and recurring customers with a potential to bring at least 2x-3x revenue in next 18-24 months.
  • Low monthly burn rate
  • Stable team with increased passion and focus

How We Create Value

  • Natural Extension
    of What We Do

    Fund’s Partners, Sponsor Investors and Advisors have been consulting in mobility eco-system for over 15 years and are recognized as THOUGHT LEADERS.

  • Access to
    Quality Deals

    An unmatched access to private tech companies via our Global Mobility Network which we fully leverage in getting regular deal flows.

  • Value Creation

    We support strategic and rapid scale up by providing following:

    • Strategic Advice
    • Introductions to Tech vendors
    • B/D & Sales support - introductions to channel partners
    • Access to Global Markets
    • Assistance in Executive Search
  • Exit

    Our relationships with manufacturers, OEMs, importers, dealers, suppliers and consultants in Auto, Transport and Logistic industries provide us an EDGE in exiting portfolio at a right time bringing highest value.

An Independently managed fund

QGV is an independently managed fund which works closely with its strategic investors and advisors in order to leverage their networks and relationships to support its portfolio companies. In addition, we seek syndicates and co-investment opportunities with other VC funds and investors.

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