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The founders and sponsor investors have 80 years of combined experience and have worked closely together for over 15 years as entrepreneurs, technical consultants, mobility thought leaders and venture capital professionals.

The team has been investing in a Family Office Fund (Fund I) for over 10 years, with ‘Digital Disruption’ as a theme and has established an excellent track record of investments. In 2017, after thorough review and analysis of the next-gen mobility capabilities and opportunities, the founding team continued with ‘Digital Disruption’ as a theme with a strategy to focus on next-gen mobility opportunities. Based on this foundation, the team launched QGV (Fund II) a focused next-gen mobility fund in Jan 2018.

Advisory Board - Management / Business Experts

Advisory Board - Technology Experts

Mobility Technologies, Product and Big Data Experts


  • The team has been working and investing together for over 10 years in Fund I.
  • Tempest Ventures is a Family Office Venture Capital Fund cofounded in 2004 by three business partners of Gateway Corp.; Vipin Moharir, Niraj Gemawat and Indrajeet Mitra. Fund I Team consists of Lina Budhwani, CFO and Gehna Vanjani, Analyst. Tempest Ventures brings more than 80 years of experience of entrepreneurs driving organizations to high and sustained growth, which can bring measurable business value to the Investee Company.
  • Fund I’s strategy is to invest in innovative entrepreneurs who can bring DIGITAL DISRUPTION through technology adoption. Tempest Ventures focuses on long-term value creation in the businesses it manages. Creating sustainable differential advantage for investee companies by following most sought after innovative strategies. The team supports portfolio companies by bringing rapid growth and synergies via technical support, business development, introductions to channel partners and access to global markets.
  • Fund I invested in 11 companies across various countries leveraging team’s established global network. Achieved an IRR on exited deals @28% with an exit TVPI multiples of 1.44x. (Fund TVPI multiples 2.32x).

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